Workplace Violence Prevention and Active Shooter Response

A Guide to Understanding and Preventing Workplace Violence, and Surviving an Active Shooter.

This curriculum is designed to get employees of any size company or government entity, to start taking proactive steps and work on a plan to prevent Work Place Violence (WPV).

This course uncovers barriers to addressing WPV, Risk Factors that your company may have, recognizes victim and suspect behaviors, and most important gets you on  the road to Prevention.

The impact of WPV can have a devastating toll on the company, employees, customers and the community.

Lost wages, decreased productivity, damaged morale, negative public image, and other monetary, property and personal losses are just a few of the affects of WPV.

The course emphasizes the importance of Management Commitment and Employee Involvement to address WPV and  works to brings them together.

The ORI WPV course gives participants the building blocks to develop an Emergency Action Plan.

Specific actions are demonstrated that must be taken when an Active Shooter strikes.

Course Objectives include

  • Discuss methods to prevent workplace violence from occurring.
  • Recognize potential workplace violence indicators.
  • Describe methods to develop an Emergency Action Plan.
  • Describe actions to take when confronted with an active shooter.
  • Describe what to do regarding responding law enforcement officials.
  • Describe how to manage the consequences of an active shooter incident.