357 PAN Grid Aim Mount

Operational Resources International, Inc. (ORI) is excited to announce a new level of PRECISION for the Grid Aim Kit. Through a partnership with Ideal Products and the cooperation and testing with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) Bomb Technicians, ORI has a mount for your .357 PAN!

Our new mount uses the existing Grid Aim Weapons Block, which maintains the integrity of the Precision Aim System, allowing no stress on the aiming head unlike a “clamp” mechanism, while maintaining the same accuracy as the original 12-gauge PAN, but with a smaller round. During the shot, the .357 PAN ejects out of the mount similar to its big brother.


Using the .357 round allows for precision shots on targets in small confines. The smaller projectile offers plenty of penetration, little deterioration of the projectile, with less COLLATERIAL DAMAGE (depending on the round.) Commercial loads are used, which contribute to a wide variety of velocities, and penetration power on various targets and containers. Taking out batteries, or cutting wires around liquid filled vessels can be accomplished with less secondary fragmentation from device components.

On 4-18-2013 GBI and ORI performed two trials, firing at batteries inside a pressure cooker. Both devices were defeated using the 12-gauge PAN and .357 PAN. One observation was the remarkable reduction of damage to other components in the device using the .357 PAN.

ORI is continuing to develop shot data on various types of commercial ammunition in order to build a data base that will help guide bomb technicians in proper round selection.

The new .357 mount is an accessory available for ALL existing Grid Aim Kits, regardless of manufacturer. For the squads that do not have a .357 PAN, the standard Grid Aim Kit is still the tool of choice for precision shots with a 12-gauge PAN. ORI can also make available the .357 PAN, the .357 mount, and a Grid Aim Kit as a package deal.

Pictures and additional information will be posted soon to ORI’s web-site, Facebook page and LinkedIn page.

Contact Brian Decker at: bdecker@operationalresourcesintl.com for more information.