Practical Military Ordnance Identification Course

This course is designed for personnel likely to encounter military ordnance during the performance of their official duties. The course covers safety precautions, describes ordnance construction characteristics, and explains the fundamentals of military ordnance fuzing.

Delivered in a seminar-style, this one-week course includes classroom presentations supported by case studies, process demonstrations, and practical exercises.  Upon successful completion of the course, students can earn 3 college credits in Gannon University’s Criminal Justice Program, which can transfer to any accredited university/college.


Tom Gersbeck, MFS

CWO-2 (Ret), USMC, EOD

The threats associated with military ordnance require the application of a structured process to identify unknown munitions.  This book focuses on the application of a practical deductive process to identify unknown ordnance items commonly recovered outside military control.  Detailed logic trees help users narrow down the possibilities in order to accurately identify ordnance.