Active Shooter Response Kit (for civilians)

No one looks for a crisis, but everyone should be prepared. ORI introduces the “Crisis Kit.” In the event of an Active Shooter situation or a “Lockdown” the Kit provides many of your Emergency Security and First Aid needs.

ORI cannot guarantee any one’s safety, but we can provide options to help You survive an emergency.

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The Kit Contains

  • Trauma First Aid equipment
  • Door security measures to keep intruders out of your office or hiding location
  • Door wedge with non-skid pads
  • Blackout window curtain for door windows (self-adhesive)
  • Available in custom and standard sizes
  • Multi-function emergency strobe flashlight
  • Personal alarm and OC spray to help defend against or fend off the attacker
  • Spring-loaded glass break to help escape through sealed off window
  • The Kit comes in a heavy-duty canvas bag (15”x8”x6”) that is small enough for easy storage, has room for additional items, yet provides quick access to the contents.
  • ORI also offers Emergency Escape Roll-up Ladders to assist in escaping from first to sixth floor windows.