All Cool USA Technology

All Cool USA Technologies provides evaporative-cooling solutions, using novel, direct thermodynamic cooling technology.   We advance human performance and mitigate the root cause of heat-related injury and deaths in all novice, amateur or professional persons undertaking outfitted activities in medicine, sports, the occupations, the military and first responders to emergencies and disasters.

The sweat evaporation restriction of personal protection equipment ensembles and the increase of heat production from incident response and training exercises are the main factors of enhancing the heat strain on responders.  Personal protection equipment has its limitations.  Full protection suits become hot inside: Encapsulation and moisture-impermeable CPC material lead to heat stress.  Responders find it difficult to wear suits for long periods of time. Wearing level A PPE for longer than 30 minutes is difficult.

In the particular instance of EOD PPE, the material specifications required to provide ballistic protection means that the suits provide a high level of insulation, impermeability and weight.  An unintended consequence is the creation of a hostile microclimate for the wearer, which dramatically reduces the capacity for heat exchange with the ambient environment.  Since the physical demands of work tasks raise metabolic heat production and the required protective clothing impairs heat loss, the risk for bomb technicians to experience excessive heat strain and/or heat illness is high.

All Cool technology increases both the action and the duration of the thermal gradient for cooling responder(s) and/or victim(s) to more than 3 hours in PPE. All Cool garments are reusable, do not require refrigeration and have no expiry date.