XTK Grid Aim System

The X-Ray Tool Kit (XTK) Precision Aim System allows operators the ability to aim a PAN disrupter at a specific target identified through the use of XTK software and the XTK Precision Aim System hardware. With special XTK Grid-Boards and Source/Disruptor co-location hardware you have the ability to take an accurate and precise disrupter shot to within a ¼ inch. With practice and training there is no significant increase in Time Over Target for the technician.

  • ORI is licensed and certified by Sandia National Laboratories to manufacture the Precision Aim Kit.
  • ORI uses ONLY high quality materials in production of the kits. We take no short-cuts or offer lesser quality options.
  • ORI only uses Tungsten buttons in the grid boards, which are manufactured in a unique way to make sure the buttons do not come loose.
  • Precision Aim is not always a necessity to complete the mission. However, when you do need a precise shot, ORI wants to give you the best possible results.
  • ORI also offers hands-on training and demonstrations of the XTK software and Precision Aim Kit.
  • ORI instructors have practiced with and test fired the Precision Aim Kit with remarkable and documented results.

ORI offers a few key points to remember when you deploy your Precision Aim Kit to maximize its fullest capabilities.

  • Try to use four grid points from one grid board or picture.
  • Make sure your x-ray mount and weapons are secure on the aiming head.
  • Minimize any movement when changing mounts.
  • Make sure the PAN does not “wobble” in the weapons block.
  • Make sure the laser does not “wobble” in the PAN.
  • Verify grid square aiming point with an ORI laminated target guide.
  • Follow these guides and ORI’s expert advice and you will be taking terminals off batteries and cutting specific wires without excessive damage to other crucial components and evidence.

Please feel free to contact ORI if you have any questions concerning the purchase of the Precision Aim Kit or the download and use of the XTK software.