Seeker DDU

Handheld Drug Detection 

The Seeker DDU™ is a drug detection system utilizing an automated colorimetric methodology to detect trace amounts of drugs. The Seeker DDU™ is lightweight, rugged, handheld, and extremely portable capable of being used by non-technical first time users as well as trained professionals. The Seeker DDU™ features a simple-to-use and intuitive operator interface with a large 7-button keypad and full color LCD display. Instantaneous presumptive testing along with search and seizure missions can now be performed in the field and in real-time. All test results are automatically stored internally with the swipe-card serial number, test result, date, time, altitude, ambient temperature and the precise GPS location.

Using the SEEKER – DDU

The Seeker DDU™ is unlike any other detector on the market. The patent-pending technology built into the device completely automates the decision making process. There is no need for color charts to reference, no hand mixing of hazardous chemicals, no warm-up, instant calibration, no required cleaning, and most importantly no downtime. The Seeker DDU™ is able to test for drugs in a consecutive fashion. If a positive test result is identified, the Seeker DDU™ is able to recover immediately and credibly test again without cleaning or any maintenance procedures being performed. Once the proper swipe card is selected and a trace or bulk sample collected, the Seeker DDU™ takes care of the rest. Testing is completely automated and results are displayed within seconds.


  • Automated Colorimetric Detection
  • Rugged, All-weather
  • GPS, date and time stamped sample results
  • Full-color LCD screen
  • Instant calibration, no down-time
  • Results in seconds