Blast Mitigation/Security Design


Operational Resources International has the staff and ability to provide services that are unique to the security and counter terrorism field.  ORI personnel can conduct threat and vulnerability assessments for industrial facilities, commercial structures and government buildings.  Our subject matter experts have years of experience in structural analyses, design and testing, material  and product design and proof testing, Explosives/IED support and testing of new explosives or tactical products.  We are prepared to develop and implement complex data collection and reduction for test programs. ORI can conduct detailed analyses of findings and produce comprehensive reports as required. ORI personnel can conduct detailed dynamic analyses including high energy and explosive blast loading using state-of-the art computational fluids dynamics (CFD) software.  The analyses methods can calculate blast loading for exterior detonations, internal (confined) detonations, and complex geometry  scenarios (such as urban environments).  We have experience with several dynamic nonlinear finite element software programs to evaluate complex structural designs subjected to dynamic loading functions.  ORI has extensive experience in new structural design, structural upgrades, new equipment design, manufacturing design and support. New designs can be validated in full solid modeling and prototype development. ORI can also provide support to compile drawings and manufacturing processes and even support manufacturing for prototype development or even manufacturing support.  

ORI Engineering Capabilities include:

  • New Mechanical and Structural Design
  • Detailed CFD Analyses and Blast Load Development
  • Dynamic Nonlinear FEA Analyses
  • Scaled and Full Scale Ballistic and Explosive Testing
  • New Product Validation through Solid Modeling and Prototype Development
  • Manufacturing Process Development and Implementation
  • Detailed Test Design and Instrumentation Implementation
  • New Equipment Development and Design
  • Equipment Testing and Validation
  • Equipment Design Improvement
  • Facility Siting Study, Including:
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Threat Vulnerability Assessment
  • Existing Security Measures
  • Recommendations for Improved Security and Threat Mitigation


Operational Resources International (ORI) has a product line of equipment and services that will benefit those who are involved in providing security, from First Responders, Military or Corporation.

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