CBRN Training and Tactical Operations

This curriculum is designed to assist all types of emergency responders that could be called upon to respond to, work in, or manage a possible CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) incident.

Depending on the client needs and tactical level of the operator, this curriculum will run for 1 – 3 days.  ORI incorporates three (3) different levels of operator experience and tactics: Unarmed Security and First Responders; Law Enforcement Officers and Armed Security; SWAT/Tactical Response Operators.

The course is customized for the client and includes a practical exercise using actual PPE (personal protective equipment), devising tactical resolutions for team movement, and when appropriate live fire.

Primary learning objectives for the course include:

  • Recognize characteristics of various CBRN materials, and their signs and symptoms.
  • Discuss and define various levels of PPE and pick the proper level based on known/unknown attack parameters.
  • Identify key elements of a potential CBRN terrorist attack.
  • Identify potential CBRN dissemination devices.

The course focuses on understanding the hazardous materials found in these types of situations, mission planning, and successful completion of tactical operations. The course prepares operators for every contingency of these types of missions from selecting the proper PPE, to tactics used in the hazardous environment, all the way through decontamination procedures.  The participants can also be trained to operate in Level A and B suits, become familiar with SCBA’S and other breathing apparatus, movement drills, and proper shooting techniques.