XTK Grid Aim Kit Accessories

The XTK Grid Aim boards developed by Sandia National Labs and licensed to Operational ResourcesInternational to manufacture and distribute are designed to work with the XTK Grid Aim Kit/Software.The available sizes are the small 10.5” x 7.5”, medium 17.5” x 14.5” and large 17.5” x 28.5”.The XTK grid Boards are reusable, rugged, and weather proof.ORI manufactured Grid Aim boards are produced using tungsten locator buttons to allow the operatorto precisely and quickly identify the grid locations on the X-Ray image using the XTK Software.

Note:Each ORI basic XTK Grid Aim Kit includes 2 medium 17.5” x14.5” Grid Aim Boards. Small and Large GridBoards are available as options.

ORI offers a special Grid Board Kit that contains one of each small, medium and large board at a money saving price.

Secondary Laser

When you can’t afford any movement. A second green laser is mounted on the Grid Aim Weapons Block that allows you to have a secondary reference point of aim to verify primary Grid Aim point after removing the primary laser and final set-up.

T-3 PAN Adaptor Sleeve

Now you can use the T-3 PAN without fear of the T-3 PAN getting stuck in the Weapons Block or damaging the Weapons Block. The sleeve slips on between the T-3 barrel sections.

T 3 PAN Sleeve

Operational Resources International, Inc. (ORI) is excited to announce that we have added another disruptor capability to our Grid Aim Kit, aka Precision Aim Kit.

CARBON FIRE by Concept Development Corp. can now be used with our kit. The new mount uses our existing weapons block, which maintains the accuracy and integrity of the kit. Traveling light or in a tight spot and still need to maintain precise accuracy – the Carbon Fire is another option. We want to thank Rich Langner and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department for their assistance in design, development and testing.

Now you can fire the standard 12 gauge PAN, the .357 PAN, the T-3 PAN and Carbon Fire from the Grid Aim Kit. ORI does not recommend or promote one disruptor over another.   We are all about giving bomb techs MORE options, so they can make better and safer decisions based on the situation and available equipment.

ORI is always looking to innovate and add capabilities to our Grid Aim Kit; look for additional disruptors and options very soon!