Tactical Medicine Program

Our team is comprised of professionals with military, law-enforcement, tactical field medic experience, dive rescue and advanced life support paramedic training. A diverse cadre that intuitively understands and functions in austere environments. Members of the TacMed Team are practicing in their fields of expertise allowing them to be current with the most recent changes within their individual disciplines. This course emphasizes hands-on skills, with over 75% of the course time being spent performing tactical patient assessments, medical techniques, and improvised skills unique to the tactical environment for support of civilian tactical law enforcement. Topics include: hemorrhage control, advanced airway, chest compromise, shock, mass casualties / active shooter response, hostage rescue, tactical response involving special populations (peds, OB, geriatric), environmental medicine, TEMS tactics, and advanced extraction / TacEvac methods. The role of incident command, law enforcement / EMS coordination, role of triage, evacuation, and casualty collection, and mitigation of scene hazards are platforms for our reality-based scenarios that comprise much of the training day. Each student will be issued an IFAK, Individual First Aid Kit, along with TacMed gear that they will use extensively throughout the course. At the completion of our TacMed course, a certificate of attendance will be awarded for 40 hours of training in Tactical Medicine that meets or exceeds core curriculum standards.

Train-the-trainer courses are available for those who want to become instructors. These courses are designed to teach medics, Law Enforcement, and firefighters, and executive protection personnel how to provide instruction in tactical medicine in a high-threat environment. Tactical Medicine is a rapidly expanding subspecialty of EMS where the Tactical Medicine Trainers (TMT’s) are medical trained professionals who use their skills to help ensure that their training provides for the health and safety of all personnel at the scene of a high-threat critical incident where a SWAT, Law Enforcement or military special operations team are involved. TMT’s are specially trained and equipped with unique medical, ballistic, and operational gear to enhance their use of instructional tools. Trainers learn and maintain a unique skill set that allows them to teach and accompany their law enforcement and military team mates in an effort to help resolve the crisis that threatens their community.