Seeker XDU

handheld trace explosives detection

The Seeker XDU is a handheld trace explosives detection system. The Seeker XDU provides portable capability to determine the presence of trace explosives utilizing an automated colorimetric methodology. The Seeker XDU features a simple-to-use intuitive operator interface requiring almost no operator training to use. No device maintenance is required other than a periodic cleaning. All test results are stored internally to the device freeing the user up to focus on testing with the results available for downloading at a later time. The device incorporates the latest GPS capability enabling the user to track and log the exact locations of every test performed. The results are uniquely identified using barcode technology which incorporates the time, date, location and test result.

Benefits of the Seeker XDU

  • Low Cost.
  • Identifies/Differentiates Multiple Trace Explosives.
  • Less than 3 inches x 6 inches x 2 inches.
  • Easy to Operate with minimal training.

The Seeker XDU is an ideal Explosives Detection solution for

  • Ports & Borders – customs officers and border protection, including monitoring cross-border & international cargo.
  • Military – Meeting the requirements of all international armed forces
  • Mass Transit – including, rail, aviation, shipping, and ground transportation
  • First Responders – law enforcement, fire and emergency services
  • Critical Infrastructure – chemical, commercial facilities, dams, nuclear plants, emergency services, public and government facilities, and more.