Homicide (Suicide) Bombers Response

This curriculum is designed for all First Responders that could respond to or be the target of a Homicide Bomber attack.  The threat of Homicide Bomber is a growing threat; and the response to this threat cannot be delayed or taken lightly. Emphasis in this course is given to trying to prevent and detect a possible homicide/suicidal bomber attack.  Trying to stop or deter an attack involving a “human smart bomb” could be considered the ultimate test of any security personnel. This course discusses deadly Force Issues and includes a Firearms Training Section for all armed personnel.

This course is customized for the end user and will specifically enhance the abilities of the following:

  • Civilian Law Enforcement
  • Public Transportation Police and Security 
  • Fire Departments
  • MEDIC, EMT, Ambulance Drivers
  • Private or Federal Security Professionals

Classroom instruction is the primary methodology for this course, including scenario based decision making models.  Primary learning objectives for this course include:

  • Identify Three Types of Homicidal Bombing Attacks.
  • Recognize Nine Phases of a Homicide Bombing Attack.
  • Recognize Common Attack Indicators.
  • Identify Potential Targets.
  • Recognize Minimum Evacuation Distances.
  • Discuss the difference between homicide bombers, and hostage and proxy bombers.

The firearms section of the course includes various shooting drills designed to make a shooting response safer to effectively neutralizing the bomber’s deadly threat.

The Homicide Bomber Course can be combined with ORI’s IED (Improvised Explosive Device) Recognition and Bomb Threat Management Course that gives participants an incisive understanding of a bomber’s potential threat.